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Cross Talk Magazine - In Full Bloom
Monday, 07 October 2002 01:15

As If... comprise Philip Goss-guitars, keys and vocals ,Phil Heard-drums and percussion and Steve Rothwell on bass. They have an impressive background including being voted 'critics choice' by, 10/10 reviews by Cross Rhythms magazine for the two produced albums and gigs supporting the likes of Delirious and Iona.

The inlay to the 'In Full Bloom' cd has been professionally produced with a full complement of lyrics along with the interesting idea of providing web site addresses to help explore the lyrical subjects. A good example of this being the link to a site explaining the causes of seasonally affected disorders (SAD), as a way of explaining the track 'Winter'.

Musically, the band are not afraid of exploring various avenues but if I had to generalise I would cite Marillion and Pink Floyd as comparisons. The opening track 'Love Is...' is fundamentally a pop song utilising processed sounds and loops and, though samples and loops are used elsewhere in the recording it is the only one in this style. This is followed by 'Summer Never', an anthemic track that is arguably one of the best on the CD.

The musical diversity shines through in 'All Fall Down' which includes the warblings of Ben Castle on sax and a haunting violin through 'Down To Love'. The title track 'In Full Bloom' also stands out, with a fantastic,slow groove set by the kit, overlaid by a simplistic but incredibly effective guitar line.

All in all, 'In Full Bloom'is a very easy album to listen to with well written tracks and thoughtful lyrics. Suffice to say,a good band,good material,check it out.