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The Walk - Issue 2 - "In Full Bloom"
Wednesday, 07 August 2002 00:27

Score: 5/5

This is the third album from Aylesbury based As If. Originally they created music that married dance floor grooves, techno beats and rock guitars but their sound is maturing so that these days they marry up poppier sounds, some real live instruments and still maintain plenty of groove. Full Bloom is a metaphor for maturity and the fact that we need to persevere in order to reach full potential.

Band leader Phil Goss runs his own recording studio which probably accounts for the fact that this independantly recorded CD sounds so brilliant!. Built around the strong rhythm section of bassist Steve Rothwell and drummer Phil Heard, Goss's guitar, keyboards and vocals are given plenty of room. This time out the added sax of Ben Castle only gives the band a new dimension so "All Fall Down" features some fat horn sounds, and yet at the other extreme, the melancholy "Winter" is packed with atmosphere.

The band know how to create memorable songs and they've got plenty to say. As If's creative groovy pop rock ranges from the rifforama of the urgent groovy "Take Me As I Am" to the insightful futuristic "". One of the best Christian albums recorded in the UK this year.

Mike Rimmer