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Exclusive "Strangely Blue" Interview
Tuesday, 07 October 2003 01:34

Wow! You've just stumbled on an exclusive interview with As If... You won't find it anywhere else in the world (unless someone copies it). But enough of the web masters dribble - get reading the interview.

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Wild in the Country? As If...
Monday, 07 October 2002 01:28

In a little village just outside Aylesbury, there is a farmhouse. In this farmhouse, there is a recording studio. In this studio three men - Phil Goss, Phil Heard, & Steve Rothwell let their creative juices run riot on a regular basis. Phil Goss likes it so much, he practically lives there (well, he would it's his home).

The threesome are currently the biggest phenomenon to hit the music world. They're number 1 in 40 countries, and sales of their album have surpassed those of Michael, M'donna and the Spices combined.

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Reminiscences of an Indian Summer Visit to Norway
Tuesday, 07 September 1999 01:23

September 1999

We (that is Steve, Ian (our soundman) and I) arrived by plane at Stavanger airport at 1pm on Thursday 9th September 99. A long haired, good natured native answering to the name Ola (pronounced ooola as I later found out) greeted us, holding a piece of paper saying "As If..." He'd got some interesting looks, apparently.

Meanwhile Phil Goss and Nancy Sawyer were nering the end of a somewhat choppy North Sea crossing. Phil hates flying, and he was hoping to see a whale - hence the boat trip. Nancy set foot on load looking decidedly green around the gills and Phil had not seen a whale. Things could only get better - and they did.

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