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Exclusive "Strangely Blue" Interview
Tuesday, 07 October 2003 01:34

Wow! You've just stumbled on an exclusive interview with As If... You won't find it anywhere else in the world (unless someone copies it). But enough of the web masters dribble - get reading the interview.

Why Strange Blue Thing?

Philip was in his loft conversion one evening and he happened to look out on the sky above through a roof window he had installed. The stars were out and the sky had a strange blue tint to it. This cosmic view inspired the song of the same name and we decided to call the album after it.

What is "Exclutive"? (see Strange Blue Thing inlay)

Exclutive is a bit like executive.

Where did the inspiration for the artwork come from?

Philip came up with the inspiration for the artwork form playing around on a freebie Adobe PhotoShop program he got with a magazine. A plate of strawberries provided the inspiration for the album cover (believe it or not). By messing around with the perspectives and colour tints, he arrived at the finished article.

There is a global theme for all the pictures which are all round and produced using the same technique as the album cover but using pictures that connect with the song themes.

There are no traditional photos of the band. We thought we'd like to be a bit different and have us in silhouette against a suitably cosmic background.

What do you think of the album?

We like the album and are really itching to perform the songs live. We've done several gigs so far and the new songs are going down well. It has been a challenge to reproduce them as several of them are out and out dance with loads of drum loops and things. However, we think we have done them justice.

The new set certainly rocks. How do you compare Strange Blue Thing to Forget Me Not?

Compared to "Forget Me Not", we think the new album has a more consistent feel. The songs are on the whole more commercial but we hope that we have maintained the As If... stamp of weirdness here and there. For example, there is an instrumental featuring Mr metal detector. The production is a bit sharper and we've been fortunate enough to have a few more gismos to play with (including sub-bass) but we don't think we've forgotten our roots. There is hopefully some thought provoking material too.

What About distribution?

New Dawn Music are pushing to get the album into as many Christian bookshops as possible and we are looking at getting overseas distribution sorted too. It should be more widely available than "Forget me Not". Ultimately, we would like to get some mainstream distribution.