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Never For Nothing Magazine - "In Full Bloom"
Sunday, 07 July 2002 00:29

Score 9/10

In the world of grass roots CCM, in my mind As If... are up there with the likes of Kato (pre ICC). They have been round long enough for you to know that their electo based dance music matures with each recording. This latest offering is a little more commercial than 1998's "Strange Blue Thing" and therefore should win the band even more new fans.

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Christian Herald - "In Full Bloom"
Saturday, 08 June 2002 00:35

Before recording their latest project, Buckinghamshire-based trio As If... surfed the internet in search of inspiration for song lyrics. To prove it,they have listed the relevant websites under each song .An imaginative concept, with considerable musical variety too-the band's customary rock and pop sounds, retro loops on Love Is, soulful hornfills and saxophone solos on All Fall Down, and even classical string arrangements for Down To Love and Babel.Com. Listening to this album and others I remain confident that there is a real strength of talent out there in both breadth and depth.

Peter Dilley, Christian Herald 2002.

Cross Rhythms - Strange Blue Thing
Wednesday, 17 February 1999 00:58

Score: 10/10

Admiral Cummings and I recently agreed that the Brits are the world's best for producing exciting Christian Dance Pop. Nobody does it better and here is another example! Dance/Techno/Rock/Rave/Pop (just covering all the bases here) trio As If have followed up their excellent debut with this huge step in a dancy direction. All the elements of the band are highlighted here-strong rhythm tracks, memorable hooky songwriting, a bit of powerful guitar here and there and there's even Phil Goss's metal detector playing in the key of F, He's poor old cat sampled and mutilated (the sample that is not the cat, see if you can spot it). Any minute now I almost expect drummer Phil Heard to leap out of the speakers and start knocking out a rhythm on top of my computer or filing cabinet!

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Crossrhythms - "In Full Bloom"
Thursday, 07 March 2002 00:33

Score: 9/10

Phil Goss, As If...'s enigmatic lead singer and guitarist recently described the band's sound as "a cross between the Chemical Brothers and Pink Floyd" which is a fair stab at pidgeonholing a techno-tinged pop rock sound that remains determinedly illusive. Take for instance the moodily dark ballad "Winter" with it's eastern sounding guitar and its chilling line "welcome to the pain I feel inside", or the old style rocker "All Fall Down" complete with honking sax from Ben Castle, or the opener "Love IS" with a Euro dance beat.

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Never For Nothing - Strange Blue Thing
Monday, 07 December 1998 00:54

These guys have a reputation for being a bit different from the norm when it comes to ccm. Categorised as a Techno band, As If's last release had a very industrial feel about it, which won a vast number of fans.Now,the band have moved on,developing a much more Dance/Club image but without disregarding their roots.

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